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Take your certificates to the next level with DoxyCert - digital certificates, empowered by blockchain. Certify your product, artwork, business accreditation, personal qualification, or anything else - DoxyCert got you covered.

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Why to choose DoxyCert?


We use blockchain technology and advanced cryptograpy to provide an immutable system, bringing reliability and security to the highest level.

Easy to use

Choose a template, fill in the data, and there you go! Your certificate, ready in seconds. And yes, we also cover bulk certificates with API integration.


Adjust your certificate accordingly to your needs. We offer plenty of features to choose from to make sure the certificate suits your needs perfectly.

How does it work?

Choose a template

Use your own unique template depending on a certificate you issue. Or, just use one of predefined templates.

Fill in the data

Add the relevant data depending on the template you’ve chosen. You can also upload data in bulk with API integration. No limitations.


Share the certificate with relevant people. Choose desired features to make sure the certificate suits your needs perfectly.

Certificate issued

Work done in a simple, secure and scaleable manner. Digital certificate ready to be shared with and used by a selected holder.

How to verify a certificate?

Simple verification

As easy as it can be - just scan a QR code or upload a file to our verifier and access the certificate’s details online.



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