The problem of today's proxy


Market size



It is estimated that in Poland there are as many as 10 million proxies annually.


Annual market value of the estimated powers.


To provide our clients with privacy and security, the freedom to contract and the ability to track them:

  • we save the documents on a private blockchain
  • we provide an open service that allows you to view the system
  • we hide sensitive data using commonly used cryptography mechanisms

Meet our team

Piotr Żelazko


Information technology engineer, passionate about blockchain technology. The main architect of DoxyChain solutions. He works in a global project related to this technology.

Public key

Gabriel Dymowski


Responsible for investor talks and brand development. Previously, he participated in building breakthrough solutions in the Polish economy using blockchain technology.

Public key

Daniel Bigos


Information technology engineer, passionate about blockchain technology. Co-creator of the DoxyChain solution, manages the project from the IT side. He works in a global project related to this technology.

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Marcin Lorenc


Lawyer, specialist in the field of M & A, Banking, Finance and new technologies. He works in an international law firm. He is responsible for acquiring entities for cooperation and legal issues.

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Iga Słotwińska

Software Developer

Information technology engineer. She is experienced in developing web applications as well as in designing beautiful prototypes and graphics. She is interested in both backend and frontend technologies, and also UX/UI design.

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Paweł Więckowski

Software Developer

Information technology engineer. Paweł develops modern frontend applications and has experience as a full-stack developer, as well. He is a fan of open-source solutions, microservices and functional programming.

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  • February 2019Start

    Market analysis. Team formation.
  • March-April 2019Investment

    Company formation. The first investment round.
  • 14 of May 2019MVP

    Marketing. The first MVP. First partnership.
  • Q3-Q4 2019Application

    Launch of a web and mobile application. Establishing partnerships with 10 law offices.
  • Q1 2020Cooperation

    Starting cooperation with entities from the public sector.


We are looking for financing our project for the next 12 months. During this time, we plan to establish cooperation with 10 law firms, 2 public entities and 2 banks, and the estimated number of powers attaching to this environment is 110,000.



Global Legal Hackaton 2019 Poland

During the GLOBAL LEGAL HACKATHON 2019 POLAND which took place on 22-24 February 2019 in Warsaw, we took the second place, and the jury commented on our project:
We decided that among the top projects should be one that can change the market in five years. There is great potential in it. I think that in five years the Ministry of Digitization should be very interested in it.

Krzysztof Wojdyło (partner at Wardyński & Partners)