We change business reality.

DoxyChain is an infrastructure for documents digitalization and management.

Our mission is to digitize Europe.

Create. Sign. Take control over documents.

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How it works

Use the time you saved for business development!

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1. Create

less paper, more sustainability

DoxyChain is an infrastructure for documents digitalization and management.

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2. Sign

feeling secure

With DoxyChain, you can sign documents using existing electronic signatures, for both, public and commercial purposes.

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3. Take Control

durable medium

A dedicated private blockchain ensures Your documents’ are immutable and authentic throughout the time.

DoxyChain enhances not only your business operations
but all your partners’ones.

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Verify identity

Before joining the platform, each entity is required to undergo a KYC process.


Create a new document on our platform.


Employing DoxyChain, transfer the documents digitally.


choose the appropriate e-signature form required for your document


thanks to blockchain technology control the integrity of your documents

Forget about paper. Forget about frauds.
Manage your documents from anywhere in the world

Legality & security

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Legal documents

The electronic form of documents, signed accordingly, is same legally valid as their paper version.

Once created, the document never disappears, gets lost, or get changed without approval.

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To join DoxyChain platform, the user must pass the KYC (know your customer) process. It is a due diligence procedure which must be carried out by a client or other legally defined entity to identify their users obtaining relevant and accurate information.

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Wide variety - good choice

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Easy integration with your business

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Multiple signature options

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Several identity providers

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Newest cryptography standards

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Highly reliable infrastructure: SLA 99.9%

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Available for all the devices

Challenge your competitors with DoxyChain


Be more effective


Save more time


Have more security


Employ the concept of green office

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For whom are DoxyChain
solutions intended

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Financial services institutions and banks

insurance icon

Insurance companies

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Energy industry players

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Meet our team

Gariel Dymowski

Gabriel Dymowski

CEO, Business Development

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Piotr Żelazko

Piotr Żelazko

CTO, Software Engineer

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Marcin Lorenc

Marcin Lorenc

CFO, Lawyer

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Daniel Bigos

Daniel Bigos

CIO, Software Engineer

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Rafael Schultz

Rafael Schultz

CO-Founder, Advisor

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