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Manage, share and sign documents online. Issue certificates in seconds. Protect your business with blockchain today. Simple, secure, scaleable.

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The most secure & smart digital certificates

Take your certificates to the next level with DoxyCert - digital certificates, empowered by blockchain. Certify your product, artwork, business accreditation, personal qualification, or anything else - DoxyCert got you covered.

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Do you already know the document management standard?



Securing all operations performed on the document in an infallible manner.

smart contract

Smart contract

Smart contracts are characterized by autonomy and the accuracy of self-realization. They govern the document life cycle from the blockchain level.



It ensures security and transparency of the network co-created by clients.


Create a new security standard with us

The service complementary to blockchain comprises a platform and a collection of libraries and documentation, allowing simple integration with the existing systems of our clients. The platform will optimize the entire document handling process: from signing through archiving and managing access authorizations. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the signature is infallible, and the DMS itself is transparent.

  • E-signature secured on blockchain
  • Dynamic forms
  • Dedicated workflows
  • API
DoxyChain mobile platform
DoxyChain desktop platform


How it works?

Choose a workflow
Choose a workflow
upload a document
Upload a document
have control over your documents
Have control over your documents in real time


You think the future of documents, we say DoxyChain

Built in Tendermint Core, the blockchain is unique in the world. It was designed with the thought of business processes involving all sorts of documents. We make it possible for our clients to easily migrate towards transparency. Our blockchain means inviolability, smart contracts, decentralization, API, compliance, scalability, and network openness.

possible transactions per second in DoxyChain Blockchain
blockchain nodes
optimized business time
unlimited number of documents


Our satisfied partners

We work with the best players on the market, and implementation of the DoxyChain platform has a real impact on business.

Roman Biller
Vice President, CEE Technology Sales, Oracle
We are delighted to be supporting DoxyChain on their journey to scale via Oracle’s startup program. DoxyChain has everything that it takes for a startup to be successful – a passionate team and an innovative solution, that are now supported by expert Oracle mentorship and introductions to our global network of Enterprise customers.
Tomasz Turczynowicz
CEO Smart Factor
Implementation with DoxyChain increased the transparency and security of transactions, simultaneously decreasing costs and effort associated with intermediary services. Besides it optimises the KYC and payment processes, which brings significant benefit in case of local Government Units.
Jacek Bajorek
Owner of Jacek Bajorek Law Office
This tool provides an accelerated and, more importantly, secure way of negotiating multilateral contractual relations online on behalf of our clients. The application is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Discover modular solution for optimizing document management processes

DoxyChain will ensure compliance of the world of Web 2.0 with the possibilities of the world of Web 3.0.